What makes us Unique?

We are dedicated to providing professional and cost-effective IT support solutions for small and medium businesses in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

We continue the legacy of our sister company, RB Computing Inc. (www.shoprbc.com) by providing our clients with honest information, competitive pricing and the highest possible quality of service.

Our competitors come and go, some seem to grow quickly but then seem to disappear overnight. They all have one thing in common, you are their customer and the primary goal is to maximize billing.

You are our partner, our growth depends on your success so we want to ensure you don’t have to worry about your network and can focus on your success.

No Long Term

Our Service agreements don’t require a 3, 4 or 5-year term. We want you to work with us because we are the best, not because you are locked into a  long-term contract.

Your Passwords 

Getting passwords from IT providers can be like pulling teeth, we know all about it because we experience it each time we take over from another company. Our managed clients are given access to the same portal that our staff uses, this contains all the technical information we have about your environment. You could even export it if you want to keep an offline copy.

We Hire Employees

A common theme in IT companies is to hire contractors, this isn’t fair to you or to the contractor. Yes, there are times where you need to bring in outside people but if a good chunk of your technicians are contractors this isn’t the best way to provide service. Contractors come and go, this high turnover causes unpredictable support.


We Don’t Sell Computers

Ever notice how each quarter your IT provider has a ‘great deal’ on new laptops or systems? Chances are that deal isn’t as great as you might think. There is an inherent conflict of interest of having your adviser sell you the products they are giving you the advice to buy. We make no profit from the sale of computers or servers, we want to keep it this way since when if we recommend you replace or upgrade a computer we want you to know that this is because we believe it to be true and aren’t trying to meet some end of quarter quota.

No Hidden Costs

We offer three levels of support, one of these packages is sure to fit your needs but they focus on fair and honest billing.

The most basic option, ‘Break/Fix‘ is exactly as it sounds. Call us when you need us, and we will bill you at $95.00/hour, 1-hour minimum then by the 1/2 hour. Travel is billed at industry standard rates of $0.45/km.

The second option, ‘Intro to Managed Services‘ charges a small fixed fee per computer and server in your office. This allows us to load our industry-leading antivirus and automation software onto your computers then only billing you for human labour at reduced rates.

The most complete option, ‘Fully Managed’ is priced per employee and per server, there are no hidden costs and all of your IT maintenance services are covered. You found a great deal and now need to have five new systems set up, no problem and no charge. We have seen a lot of our competitors charge labour for new setups in addition to the money they already make on selling you the equipment.


If this all sounds like a breath of fresh air then please contact us for a no pressure, no obligation site audit to review your current situation.

Let us show you a better way.

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