What’s new in Dragon Medical for Mac 4.0?

whats new in dragon 4


A flexible speech recognition solution that enables the clinician to quickly capture comprehensive clinical documentation while spending more time on what matters—their patients. Dragon
Dictate Medical for Mac streamlines documentation workflow by allowing clinicians to dictate appointment and medical record notes directly into their EHR.

There are some great new features in Dragon Medical for Mac 4.0
Support for OS X® Yosemite (10.10)
– In addition to OS X Mavericks (10.9)

More accurate and faster
– Higher performance with drastically reduced latency and faster editing with pure 64-bit application and improved memory management capabilities
– Improved accuracy over version 3, with optimizations for latest speech recognition technology

Updated medical vocabularies
– Better performance and improved recognition and accuracy for over 90 medical specialties
– New Support for “General English” vocabulary
– “General English” profile can be created for greater accuracy when dictating outside of medical work, such as for personal use More control within applications
– Compose and reply to emails in  Gmail™ using full text controls, doing dictation and editing natively without having to transfer any text
– In Safari® and Firefox®, use voice commands to control your Gmail inbox, giving you even more voice capability within popular applications
– Use your voice to click on any visible link
– User your voice to open emails

Powerful transcription of recordings into text
– Accurately transcribe a prerecorded audio file or podcast of a single speaker’s voice with the same accuracy for medical terminology as transcribing your own voice recording

Voice-enabled productivity for clinicians.
– Only a 90-second audio clip is required to create a profile for the speaker
– Support of voice files in many different formats, including .mp3 audio files
– In addition to .aif .aiff .wav .mp4 .m4a .m4v
– Great for transcribing a colleague’s pre-recorded  medical notes, medical podcasts from the Internet,  or for medical assistants to transcribe each clinicians’ recorded notes
– Multiple voice capture and dictation sources are allowed per profile so the clinician can easily manage recordings in varying environments using their profile and customizations

New product delivery options
– Retail Box products now include 8GB USB stick instead of a DVD disk
– Digital Delivery options available for same-day direct download of the installation software

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