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5 Tips to Get More Customers and Retain Them Too

The buyer’s journey is a progression of steps the buyer takes when making a purchase. Most businesses know that they need to support the customer at all stages, even though a lot of the process is done before a buyer engages with the seller. When buyers are ready to engage, you must be ready. In the article, “5 Tips to Get More Customers and Retain Them Too,” Dhaval Sarvaiya discusses the main stages of the journey: awareness, consideration, decision, retention and advocacy. In the final stage, he reminds us that customers with great experiences will “fall in love with your brand” and that they will not only “promote your brand but will defend it as well.” Imagine customers so loyal that they will defend what you’re selling—all because they so strongly believe in it. Read this entire article for pointers on how to support your customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

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