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Do I need a free dark web ID scan?

Wondering whether your credentials are exposed on the dark web?
We can tell you, and then monitor safely.

Breached credentials are the number one reason for compromise, typically they arrive via a phishing email.

The Dark Web is made up of digital communities that sit on top of the Internet, and while there are legitimate purposes to the Dark Web, it is estimated that over 50% of all sites on the Dark Web are used for criminal activities, including the disclosure and sale of digital credentials. Far too often, companies that have had their credentials compromised and sold on the Dark Web don’t know about it until they have been informed by law enforcement – but by then, it’s too late.

When your employees use their work email on third party websites, like Social Media, HR, Payroll it makes your business vulnerable to a breach. With our service, we can detect if your company is at risk due to exposed credentials on those websites.

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8 cybersecurity myths - debunked.
Your business is too small to be targeted by hackers.
Fact: Small businesses made up over half of last year's victims
Myth: Antivirus software will keep your business perfectly safe
Fact: Software can't protect against all cyber attacks.
Myth: Cybersecurity threats are only external
Fact: Insider threats are just as likely, whether from human error or malicious intent
Myth: Annual employee security awareness training is sufficient
Fact: Regular phishing exams and training prepares employees to recognize attack.s
Myth: Strong passwords are enough to keep your data safe.
Fact: Two-factor authentication and data monitoring is also needed.
myth: if WiFi has a password, it's secure.
fact: Any public WiFi can be compromised, even with a password.
Myth: You'll know right away if you've been hacked
Fact: Modern malware is stealthy and hard to detect.
Myth: CyberSecurity is solely the IT department's responsibility.
Fact: Every staff member should be familiar with good cyber-security practices.

Reality by the numbers,
81 % of hacking related breaches leveraged either stolen or weak passwords
62% of SMB's don't have an up-to-date or active cyber-security strategy in place.
60% of SMB's will go out of business within 6 months of a cyber incident.