Looking for HealthCare IT support ?

Introducing Demand ITS. We are a trusted IT service provider in the Ottawa region since 2006.

Obtaining 100% uptime is a difficult task especially when you are on your own, even the best system encounter problems.

Having a partner that can quickly solve an issue or restore interrupted services is critical to managing internal expectations and delivering high-quality medical support. Lean on our support specialists to reduce unplanned downtime, promote resilience and enhance usability throughout your IT systems lifecycle.

HealthCare IT support requires a special set of knowledge of networking, EMR's and Ontario MD requirements. We have been providing IT support to medical clinics in Ottawa since 2006 and have experience deploying for Telus, Accuro, Oscar and others.

Here is what our customers are saying about us:

My EMR Vendor also provides IT support, why should I use you?

Your clinic is more than your EMR, although the EMR plays a critical role in your operations so does your entire network infrastructure. EMR vendors know their product, and they know it well but there are many complex interactions between your network, EMR and staff that benefit from technician's trained in healthcare IT support. We have been to several clinics where a vendor-neutral IT support company has been beneficial in guiding through the technical issues at a customers site.

Vendor Support Run-around?

Have you ever been stuck in vendor support? Your internet isn't working, so you call your firewall company and they say it's your ISP and vice versa? Spending hours tracking down companies, vendors and information while the problem isn't any closer to being fixed? Let us take care of all your healthcare IT support needs and we will become the bridge between your staff and the technology they need.

Never ending Sales pitch?

Our business is not dependent on hardware or software sales, infact 90% of the hardware and software we recommend is sourced through a 3rd party and we set it up for free! Do you buy equipment somewhere else? No Problem, we still will set it up for free!

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