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Is your business prepared for dealing with a pandemic?

COVID-19 Vile of Blood

Have you considered the implication if Ottawa were to have a city-wide shutdown due to COVID-19?

Today, the Mayor of Ottawa urged residents to work from home during the seasons most severe storm of the year. This got me thinking about COVID-19.

We are all concerned about the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The experts are still debating how severe this disease will become, but one thing seems to be coming in to focus. It is looking more likely that the Coronavirus is or will be a global pandemic. As the situation continues to develop, we will get more concrete details, but for now, it seems prudent for all individuals and businesses to prepare for this possibility.

I am no expert on infectious disease, so I defer to the experts, the CDC. The CDC has several informational resources that are updated daily to help us all be prepared. For businesses, you need to immediately assess your preparedness to continue operations with several or all of your staff working remotely. I recommend that you immediately assess your remote access capabilities and what you may need to do to enable workers who do not normally work remotely to be able to do so. Reach out to your business partners now and assess their ability to maintain operations, should quarantines be put in place and the need arises to work solely from home.

Following are some resources from the CDC that I recommend you monitor daily, especially if you have staff that are or need to travel:

CDC Logo

If you are aware of other good resources to help monitor and respond to this situation, please share email me and I will add them here. One way we can all help to contain this threat is to share information in a timely manner to help one another. It’s going to take more than just our governments and medical professionals to contain this virus. We all need to do our part every day to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, co-workers and businesses.

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