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Telemedicine Solutions for Providers

The OMA and Ontario Ministry of Health have agreed to temporary codes to facilitate telemedicine and virtual care much as they did during the SARS outbreak a few years ago. The codes are not limited to COVID-19 screenings or patients with COVID-19, but are in place to reduce the risk of community spread by keeping people at home and out of doctors’ offices.

Telehealth solutions

Some Tips for billing TeleMedicine

  • You can bill the Q012 after-hours premium against K080, K081 and K082 where appropriate.
  • Services must be documented on the patient’s medical record (including the start and stop times)
  • These codes will not contribute to Outside Use
  • These fees will not contribute to the Fee-For-Service-Hard-Cab

Virtual Care INFOBulletins

ZoomLogo Secure IT

HIPPA/PIPEDA plans start at $270CAD per month, 10 hosts

OTN Secure IT

Accessing OTNhub is free for health care practitioners funded 50% or more by MOH or OHIP.

VSee Lab Logo 1 Secure IT

Plans start at $49.00USD month, also has full Telemedicine implementation kits

doxy me Secure IT
Telemedicine Solutions for Providers 1 Demand ITS

The basic plan is free, includes several options to upgrade from $35 to $50USD per month/provider

Medeo Logo Clr Secure IT

As of March 17, 2020 a promotion was sent out indicating no charges or fees for six months. Fully integrated with Accuro EHR, works as a stand-alone with other EMR

updox 1 Secure IT

Pricing details are not available online, you must request pricing before they will send it to you.

Nous Secure IT

Telemedicine for mental health care professionals, pricing information was not available online