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Can your it person hold you hostage?

Padlock and key on top of circuit board.

Let’s assume that last week your account quit, just up and left. Would you be able to go to the bank, access your accounts, continue to fund your business, or would you be locked out of everything?

If you are like most companies, the answer is, you would have everything you need to continue operations. You know who you bank with, you have access to statements, and if you went in with a problem, they would be able to help you. The same is likely right for your accounting software and payroll.

If you can’t access it, you can be held hostage!

You wouldn’t think twice about asking for any of this information, and you’d likely fire them if they didn’t give it to you; let me ask you, why is it different for IT?

Do you know where all the data, passwords, software licenses and accounts are? Do you know how to access your servers? Do you know where your offsite data is stored and how to access it? Do you have documentation, diagrams and procedures so a new IT person could take their place? If not, your IT person holds all the keys.

It might be things that are going well, so you might not mind too much. However, you must have access to this type of documentation in case one day they don’t show up to work. And if you AREN’T pleased with their work and aren’t sure if they are doing a good job, that’s all the more reason to do it.

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