Microsoft Authenticator
How to Activate your Microsoft Authenticator 1

In keeping with best practices the majority of our clients are using Microsoft Security Defaults, this requires registering for Microsoft Authenticator app in order to secure your email from Business Email Compromise. A risk factor that has lead to some of the largest hacks in 2020 and 2021.

Step 1 – On your computer, log into your Microsoft 365 account

When you log into a Microsoft Application like Outlook or the main account Microsoft Portal you will be presented with the following prompt. Click Next.

How to Activate your Microsoft Authenticator 2

Step 2 – On your mobile device, Install Microsoft Authenticator

On the next window you will be asked to setup the Microsoft authenticator Application, this is the recommended method because it supports push notifications making your experience easier. While it still generates the OTP 6 digit code the ability to click ‘yes’ makes using it more efficient. You can use a 3rd party authenticator app but we do recommend the Microsoft one.

In the image below there is a link to download and install the app on your mobile device, this is required to proceed to the next step. We’ve also provided links for Google Play and App Store using the links below.

After it is installed click next in the Keep your account secure page on your computer.

Microsoft Authenticator - Android Apps on Google Play

Microsoft Authenticator on the App Store
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How to Activate your Microsoft Authenticator 3

Step 3 – On your computer, click next

On your computer, click next. That will generate the QR Code you will scan on your mobile device.

image 2
How to Activate your Microsoft Authenticator 4

Step 4 – On your computer, you should see a QR code.

On your computer screen you should now see a box similar to this one, we are nearly finished!

image 3
How to Activate your Microsoft Authenticator 5

Step 5 – On your mobile device, use Microsoft Authenticator to scan the QR code

On your mobile device you’ll now click add a new account, choose a work account and scan the QR code displayed on your computer.

download 11
How to Activate your Microsoft Authenticator 6

Step 6 – Test the Microsoft Authenticator app

On the next screen you’ll see a ‘Let’s try it out’, simultaneously on your mobile device you’ll receive a prompt asking you if you’re attempting to sign in. On your Mobile Device, Approve the sign in.

image 5
How to Activate your Microsoft Authenticator 7