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How to leave a organization in Microsoft Teams

How to leave a organization in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration application, sometimes you might end up joining another organization as a guest for a project but how do you leave it once that project is over?

Teams is a intuitive and fantastic app, for managing teams, chats and documents and most settings can be done by the end user and are effortless, but if you want to leave an organization in Microsoft Teams there are a few extra clicks required.

To get started, you can’t do this from the Microsoft Teams App, you have to click on the website and sign in with your Microsoft account. This portal gives you access to a number of settings related to your Microsoft 365 account. Another spot you might be able to do this is from your account profile in Azure’s active directory : Azure AD Profile

  • Change your password (if supported by your organization)
  • Setup self service password reset
  • Configure additional security settings
  • Sign out devices where you’ve activated office
  • View sign in Activity
  • Manage your other organizations

Step by step how to leave a organization in Microsoft Teams (with pictures)

After you’ve logged in, you should see a image similar to the one below, in my example you can see that I’m part of 4 organizations in addition to the Demand ITS Inc. one. Next to each Organization is a ‘leave organization’ link, click that.

Once you click the leave organization you’ll receive a prompt similar to the one below, if this is what you want to do now click the lave button. After I completed these steps I received an error in the and had to sign out back in again, it also took a few minutes for the team’s App to remove the organization form it.

What happens after I leave a organization in Microsoft Teams

After you leave an organization, your account is ‘soft deleted’. The default setting moves your account to a deleted users area in Azure AD and still can be recovered by their IT department for 30 days. This default lets the administrator restore the account, including your group and permissions within 30 days. Any data you’ve placed inside the teams remains available and is subject to the guest organization’s internal IT policies.

Why cant I leave a organization in Microsoft Teams?

There is two common scenarios where you cant leave a organization in Microsoft teams, they are if it’s your home organization or the guest organization has disabled your account. If your account was disabled you would need to contact the Teams admin in the respective orginization.

A guest user can’t leave an organization if their account is disabled in either the home tenant or the resource tenant. If their account is disabled, the guest user will need to contact the tenant admin, who can either delete the guest account or enable the guest account so the user can leave the organization.