Good-bye Stafford Road West, Hello Menten Place

Effective September 19th the City of Ottawa has renamed Stafford Road West to Menten Place!

Stafford Road West has always been difficult to find, most people ending up on Stafford Road that is a few kilometers away and does not connect with our street. I’ve lost count how many couriers, customers and even employees have confused the two.

Hopefully the new name will help solve that confusion, but it may be a rough few years while we wait for GPS data to get updated.

It is our understanding that Canada post should continue to deliver messages addressed to our old street name for a period, but please update your information accordingly.

Please note our new mailing address, effective September 29th, 2016 will be :

Demand ITS Inc.

106-235 Menten Place

Ottawa, Ontario   K2H 9C1


We believe that the name was selected to honor Maud Menten, a Canadian physician-scientist who made significant contributions to enzyme kinetics and histochemistry.

Little is known about her parents and childhood other than that the Menten family moved to Harrison Mills, where Maud’s mother worked as a postmistress. After completing secondary school, Menten attended the University of Toronto where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in 1904 and a master’s degree in physiology in 1907. While earning her graduate degree, she worked as a demonstrator in the university’s physiology lab.

You can read more about Maud Menten at Wikipeda by clicking this link