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Why IT isn’t a part-time job.

After more than a decade in the IT field, I’ve seen the evolution of numerous IT departments.

Many of our clients start out the same way, a small core group of people taking care of a lot of different things. Your best salesperson might also be helping with the ordering, your engineer helps out with IT while you’re busy running finance as well as the company.

Over time, your business grew and you hired an accountant because you recognize the importance of keeping accurate financial information. You also now have a team of salespeople and separate shipping and receiving staff to handle orders.

So why is the engineer still running your IT? Managing your IT infrastructure shouldn’t be a hobby.

I personally know a half dozen clients and people in this role, senior people are wasting valuable time dealing with basic IT issues because they have always been the ‘go-to’ person.

At some point, this dual role will begin to take its toll and something is going to give. If you’re lucky you’ll get a warning sign, but if you’re not you might end up losing your financial data to a RANSOMWARE and sensitive data leaked on the internet.

You might think that IT services are expensive, but how much are you paying your top engineer to perform basic IT tasks? How much money is lost due to downtime when something goes wrong and the only person who can fix it is on vacation, or worse, quits!

There is a better way. The right managed IT service provider will help you minimize downtime risks and help control costs.

The right managed service provider can bring all the advantages of an enterprise-class IT department to your small and mid-size firms. With them, you can leverage the experience and the expertise of full time IT support staff to ensure your network and data are safe.

A well-managed service provider proactively manages critical systems and respond immediately to IT challenges and needs. Moving to this model frees personnel and management to focus on core business goals including driving new revenue for your company.

Talk to your IT service partner about managed IT services and how they can help you save money and reduce risks!

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