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Newsletter – April 2020

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Demand ITS Inc.
Date: April 1, 2020
Select Business and Tech Articles
From business to tech, we are highlighting a group of exemplary articles that not only provide insight but trends that could impact your business 
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We hope you are healthy and safe, 
It’s now April, and it looks like we have another four weeks at least where we continue to practice the new normal. In March, we were busy helping clients setup telehealth solutions and Zoom software to keep our clients productive. 

We have been fortunate, our staff remains healthy and safe, and we are working diligently to keep you secure.

As always, if you are stuck, or need any advice feel free to reach out to us, we are here to help.

PS- Watch out for April Fools jokes, today is the first so be extra cautious what you see/read online today.
With Gratitude,
Robert Picard
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Don’t Let Physical Distancing Become Social Distancing
Carol Kinsey Goman, Forbes
As we increase our efforts on social distancing, we need to be cautious that we don’t become lonely! Learn three key tips that help to reduce isolation and increase connection.  
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A Guide for Working (From Home) Parents
Avni Patel Thompson, Harvard Business Review
In this complicated new world, how do parents collaboratively run their families while at home? Familiarity and consistency are comforting practical in times of upheaval. Check out three steps that will help with your planning. 
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A Warning from Science: Checking Your Phone Will Just Make You More Bored
Jessica Stillman, Inc.
We have all done it at some point – reach for our phone when we are bored or in the middle of a mundane task. Learn about a new study which reveals that this break for our brain may actually have the opposite effect.
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This Month’s Tech Funny
As always, our goal is help you leverage technology for the growth of your business. So if you see yourself not laughing as much about technology, give our team a call – we can help.

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How to Avoid the Worst Online Scams
David Nield, Wired
Scammers are opportunists that will get you to click on something that you shouldn’t. The good news is that minimizing your risk only requires a bit of common sense. Read more to learn about staying safe and avoiding the crooks.
And … Virtual Tour Picks from our Staff
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Virtual U.S. Park Tours
Google is offering free virtual walk through tours of U.S. national parks
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Bored at Home?
Here’s a Massive List of Museums, Zoos, and Theme Parks Offering Virtual Tours
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Virtual World Traveler
Go on ten virtual tours of the world’s most famous iconic landmarks
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