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Newsletter – June 2020

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Demand ITS Inc.
Date: June 1, 2020
Select Business and Tech Articles
From business to tech, we are highlighting a group of exemplary articles that not only provide insight but trends that could impact your business
I hope this finds you well. With the volumes of information on the Internet, it’s very easy to miss quality information that may help to serve your business for the better. Below is a group of select articles we found valuable and will be sharing similar articles on a monthly information, you will be in the know as well.
With Gratitude,
Robert Picard
5 Types of Business Data Hackers Crave
Lucas Miller, Entrepreneur
Almost every company uses computers to manage some part of their business operations, and while the reduced clutter adn efficiency is a bonus, it also opens you up to the threat of hackers. See how you can take the necessary steps to upgrade your data protection.
How to Avoid Spam – Using Disposable Contact Information
David Nield, Wired
Wherever you go on the web you are asked to sign up for new accounts. Learn more about easy options you can utilize today to avoid spam text and email messages moving forward.
Three Proven Ways to Motivate Yourself Right Now
Cathy Huyghe, Inc.
If the grind of working from home has demotivated you…you are not alone. Discover three ways to get back in the groove and replenish your motivation.
This Month’s Tech Funny
As always, our goal is help you leverage technology for the growth of your business. So if you see yourself not laughing as much about technology, give our team a call – we can help.
Stop Zoning Out in Zoom Meetings
Sarah Gershman, Harvard Business Review
Does your mind start to wander 10 minutes into your video call? Do you pretend to listen while checking your inbox? Learn five strategies to listen more effectively in your next virtual meeting.
And … Virtual Tour Picks from our Staff
Infinity Wall
Flat LED display’s transformation to a new three-dimensional space were possible
Surfs Up
A giant wave appears to be crashing inside a huge aquarium in Seoul, South Korea
Virtual Aquarium
The virtual Gulf Stream display exposes visitors to three-dimensional animations
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