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3 Things for Effective Cybersecurity

You need three things for effective cybersecurity. Are you doing them? You saw the headline,…

Windows 10 End of Support?

Are you putting your systems at risk by running a unsupported version of Windows 10? Did you even know that was a risk?

Limited Windows 11 CPU support might stop you from upgrading, and that’s a good thing!

Many recent articles regarding Windows 11 CPU support requirements, specifically that only 8th Generation Intel…

Secrets behind DMARC, DKIM & SPF and how they support BIMI and what is MTA-STS for?

Communication has always been the most crucial thing in building the foundation of trust in…

How to Activate your Microsoft Authenticator

In keeping with best practices the majority of our clients are using Microsoft Security Defaults,…

Dragon Medical Practice Edition DMPE is Discontinued!

As a trusted partner, Nuance Communications, Inc. (“Nuance”) continuously advances technology to address customer needs…

CLOUD – Computer Located Outside Ur Datacenter

Cloud is an important part of our lives, but remember, it’s just someone else computer. This means there are risks associated with storing data in the cloud, check out some tips to keep your data secure.

CRA HACKED – How can I protect Myself?

The 2020 CRA hack; what can you do to help protect yourself?

Why is PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance important, if I haven’t been breached?

Regulations like PHPA, PIPEDA help define what must be done but they don’t help you understand how. Using the NIST CSF can help you bridge the gab between compliance requirements and evidence of compliance.

COVID-19 Surgical Mask Strap & Ear Saver – Free

Many businesses in the front lines who are wearing medical masks suffer the same issue,…

Work from home expenses, COVID-19 and the T2200

With us all being on hold during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to remember it’s only temporary and we need to look to the future, and that also means your taxes.

Organization issues turning to create a IoT security risk

Over the years IT providers have become the ‘gatekeepers’ of technology, with the introduction of IoT things have begun to change.

Take these three steps to protect your data from COVID-19 SCAMS

Hackers know people are desperate for COVID-19 information, uncertainty means they can exploit you. 3 Tops to help secure you from COVID-19 scams

Why OHIP needs to keep virtual care codes after COVID-19

One of my clients has created a petition to have OMA and MOHLTC to keep Virtual Care Codes after COVID-19. Letting OHIP patients keep access to virtual care post COVID-19 will improve efficiency and the quality of care.

We must not focus on new sales, let’s have a compassionate COVID-19 response.

Too many of my emails are vendors offering to sell me something for COVID-19 . .. just stop.

Do I need cyber insurance?

The year is 2020, and in the climate today, we all must take risk management…

Keep secure if working remotely due to COVID-19!

In the rush to work remotely, do it securely. Six 6 tips to help keep you secure, 5 to avoid at all costs!

Can your it person hold you hostage?

Let’s assume that last week your account quit, just up and left. Would you be…

Is your business prepared for dealing with a pandemic?

Have you considered the implication if Ottawa were to have a city-wide shutdown due to…

Ransomware and disaster recovery plans

Disaster recovery is a basic element of good business continuity planning. Business continuity planning refers…

MSP’s help solve the “Economies of scale” dilemma

All companies, whether they are large or small, require many of the same things to…

Ransomware attacks just keep increasing

This cyberattack scheme isn’t new, but it has become increasingly common over the past several…

Three responses after a Ransomware attack

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a ransomware attack, there are…

Your WiFi isn’t as secure as you think

That secure wifi password is almost no security at all! WiFi is ubiquitous, easy and…

DNS Domains?

Your domain name is the face of your organization on the internet and as such,…

Why IT isn’t a part-time job.

After more than a decade in the IT field, I’ve seen the evolution of numerous…

Good-bye Stafford Road West, Hello Menten Place

Effective September 19th the City of Ottawa has renamed Stafford Road West to Menten Place!…

Everyone Uses Wi-Fi, it’s secure, right?

Nearly every business and consumer regularly users wireless (Wi-Fi) networks to enable their laptops and…

Do you understand your backup strategy?

We’ve worked with many small businesses over the years and have witnessed clients who have suffered a few misses and we’ve been on standby as others suffered near-critical hits.